i make a start

I am making a start here; starting this blog I mean.  Have been planning to do this for a long time now, and it’s finally happening. Let’s see what becomes of it.

I feel it important to write why I have not had a blog for so long. Here: I am used to writing with thick pens on fine paper, and so this pitter-patter of the keyboard that produces a perfectly aligned, formatted text doesn’t really look natural to me. I mean I am the kind of person who has a lot to understand from the scratches and the crossed-out words that I do while writing the ‘paper & pen’ way. In a blog, one just sees the final, edited version and it doesn’t really look like a great idea.  Believe me, reading my own diary after a week or a month has such a therapeutic effect on me. And very often the experience of reading something after a month of having written it is so different from reading it after a week. Sometimes, I even edit or improve upon an earlier-written thought (and counter-signing it adds to the weird pride!). That way, it’s an intensely personal experience. I’m not sure if seeing my work back here will have as strong an impact on me.

Secondly, typing makes me uneasy (I find it natural to have a pen pressing down upon a paper and working its way, rather than 10 fingers loosely hanging over a 100 odd oddly placed keys (just for the sake of it, decided to count the keys on my laptop and they turned out to be 91…but something else I remembered while doing this exercise – do you see these ‘underscore’ kind of signs on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys of your keyboard; ever wondered what they are there for?? anybody, yes ??) Lastly, my passionate mind sometimes comes up with so personal ideas (ideas. huh!) that they cannot be put on public display. *oops*

Well, as for the doubt you may have (if u have been reading this until this point) that why I am doing this at all then, seriously, I don’t have as convincing answers as I have stated above for not having done it all this time. Those arguments against blogging still remain, but may be I thought some good feedback will provide some fillip to my sagging desire to write. (I haven’t written in a long time now; I hope my desire alone has taken a toll and not the ability itself) Further, and I don’t know why I hate to admit this, I wanted to have some genuine feedback on my work. Also perhaps, and I love to admit this, I wanted to have a newer kind of company- a virtual group of acquaintances, and, in as much as it is possible for me, admirers 🙂

And so, here I am.

All big-mouthedness aside, I need to maintain writing (here or anywhere) on a more-or-less regular basis. That’s the only challenege I see right now.



One Response to “i make a start”

  1. Biswajit Mondal Says:

    Yes.. to answer your question “do you see these ’underscore’ kind of signs on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys of your keyboard; ever wondered what they are there for?? anybody, yes ??”.
    I think you haven’t tried typing in the technical or professional way.
    These underscores are made of materials projecting out and not the ones marked with paints. You might have noticed that you can feel these underscore marks by touching the keys. These have been provided to guide you back to your default position, whenever you are reaching out for other keys, without looking back onto the keyboard.

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