when women meet old friends..

Here goes one observation to which you may agree or disagree, but I’ll love to hear if you have anything to say:

I have seen women losing all their sanity on meeting long lost friends, especially of their own gender. Men are happy but easy, both emotionally and physically, on seeing a friend after years even, though the excitement is there in equal measure (there is no doubting that). For instance, the men I have known (and I will include myself) on meeting after a long separation, clasp fists tightly, two tough pats on the back (that means an extra second long hug – that’s all) and few further moments of staring back at each other in immense glee. And the whisky takes over. Girls on the other hand, start going weak in the knees, and almost laughing like mad – I mean not a normal laughter that men share – it’s like they burst out into something that is both crying and laughing. I don’t know what triggers it but it will look completely mad on a guy, laughing bethrotedly, to throw himself on a friend, eyes blindly closed, knees bent, and then hang by the friend’s shoulder shrieking something as simplistic as “How are you?”
But seriously, it looks good on women, and they do the act enormously well.


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3 Responses to “when women meet old friends..”

  1. Amit Says:

    I have experienced the same in restaurants many times, where the groups might b having get together after a long time & the result was everyone in the restaurant were knowing wat they were up to all these years.
    This has been played in an episode of the “Friends” also, where Rachel’s old friends came to meet her n they were like a noisy-chirpy flock.

  2. Preethi Sridhar Says:

    Nice post…:) was enjoyable reading!!

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