quotes/moments from the Oscars 2009 night..

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 “When you hear a number so high, it’s hard not to think of steroids.”
~Hugh Jackman, describing Meryll Streep’s record 15 oscar nominations. 🙂


“Combining the wild and the winning..”
~some old lady, ex-oscar winner, describing Penelope Cruz.


This girl, hosting a part: “I have read, To write is to live forever.”
Steve Martin: “The man who wrote that is dead.” 🙂


“I’m speechless.”

~ someone (how could I forget who :-/), on the podium, after having taken the coveted statuette, on being offered the mike for a thanks-giving speech 🙂


“How did you do it? How did you continue to get those straight roles all these years….”

~ to Sean Pean, on his gay portrayal in ‘Milk’. 🙂


“You continue to push boundaries of what’s possible.”

~ said of Kate Winslet..


“You are far too exceptional to be ignored.”

~ said of Kate Winslet


“I know how hard I make it to appreciate me often.”

~ Sean Penn, on his political activism 🙂



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11 Responses to “quotes/moments from the Oscars 2009 night..”

  1. Bad Says:

    My favourite moment was Danny Boyle’s jumping act right after recieving the oscar , best director for slum….
    “I promised my kids that if i am ever going to recieve this , i will proceed in the spirits of tigger , from winnie the pooh” 🙂

  2. Bad Says:

    gee, i hate myself. i misspelt receive 🙂 . i always do that only later to repent

  3. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    right mate. I just wrote the ones I remembered well…otherwise there was this comedian (now an oldie) who had come in for a recognition of his works for poor children, and he gave a really senti speech…that too was good. My favourite however was what Hugh Jackman had to say for Meryl Streep; had a tough time recovering from the laughter caused 🙂

  4. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    abbe link your account to your name/picture dude..

  5. Amit Says:

    did u make this collage? nice one.
    Jackman was indeed humourous, I remember once he said ” I also want to b the reader” . we all know wat it means 🙂

    • vaibhavtiwari Says:

      hahaha…guess i missed this one…indeed there were so many moments…i’ve written only the ones i remembered while posting here…and because u talked of The Reader, i am reminded of Kate winslet (obviously 🙂 and further I am reminded of how Kate Winslet’s ugly-looking dad whistled so loudly from among the audience when she asked him something like: “…dad, if you could whistle to let me know where you are..” 😀
      On a reconsideration, for me that probably was the best moment at the Oscars; it showcased an entire chemistry between a dad and his daughter.

  6. Amit Says:

    that is my favourite too,
    and her exclamation after the whistle ” yeaaaahhhhhhh…” was as appealing as the titanic song.
    Infact her speech was the best one, abt how she dreamed since she was 8, rehearsing in bathroom with shampoo bottle…..

  7. BAD Says:

    i expected more from Kate 🙂 , probably my love for her made my expections soar high. i liked penelope cruz’s better than hers , both emotionally and comically.
    and i so much wanted mickey rourke to win . he kicked ass in ‘the wrestler’ 😦

  8. Amit Says:

    Kate Winslet reminds me of Madhubala. Her face quiet resembles that of the Indian Actress. Isn’t it ?

  9. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    Well, people seem to be talking in terms of their personal aspirations now… 🙂 In the same spirit, and as far as desirability is concerned, I liked Anne Hathaway the most – her big lips, big eyes, big teeth, small face, and electric smile.. and the stunning dress that she was in !! ahem !! Her features are so unreal that she looks like a beautiful witch and those are the kind of women that send me on a trip.. 🙂
    As of Mickey, his acting/wrestling potential aside, I thought he looked the ugliest of the lot 🙂

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