‘May contain peanuts’

alifechoc1Even though I might not be able to pronounce it neatly, I have this phobia called ‘Arachibutyrophobia’ – it’s the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth. While phobias themselves are rare, I bet this one is quite, quite a rare phobia to have. What I have however is a slight variation of it; I have a phobia of anything slimy sticking to the roof of my mouth – it could be boiled potato (“dear ma, no offence, but i’m scared of your curry sometimes”), a mango peel or any damn thing [pun break: “abbe aam tu kha, main to aam peeta hoon” :D..if you did not understand, that was one recent ad that I saw on TV; ‘Slice’ it was, I think, but it’s true of me too – I prefer drinking juices to eating pulpy fruits, courtesy, the said phobia]

Coming back. So I’m afraid of basically anything that is capable of ‘hanging on’ up there inside my mouth. And yes, it could be peanuts dipped in chocolate too!! So, now, a few months back, at a friends place there was just this one last bar of chocolate left (those ‘foreign’ chocolates that these ‘onsite’ indian engineers never fail to bring :P) in the fridge. Having saved it for later proved to be a bad scheme as that thing occupied the whole of my conscience so completely that I finally decided to grab it and move on with life. 

While tearing the wrapper, for no particular reason, I started reading whatever was on written on the wrapper. (I obviously don’t do this reading thing all the time while tearing wrappers, which makes it pretty unlucky for me to have done it then, or may be lucky, depending on how you would look at the story, which had had a twist at this exact point) And my eyes read: “May contain peanuts“. And goodness gracious, it was written in bold fonts, almost as if it were a warning for people like me. I was easily scared. But more than anything else, it was absolutely disturbing considering that but for the peanuts, the chocolate was luring me no end. I finally ate it with tingling nerves and a stiffened face, in small bites, telling myself all the while that for a change one should eat chocolates slowly and softly, bit by bit and bite by bite. And yes, it was good. No mishaps !! But this uncertainty on part of the manufacturer (‘may’ contain peanuts) was sure weird.

Sometimes I get a feeling that such things are God’s way of arranging a good laugh for Himself – by putting us poor children at innocuous crossroads 😀


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5 Responses to “‘May contain peanuts’”

  1. Amit Says:

    kya baat hai !!!
    as I suspected u r very good with words & better at using those to express urself.

  2. Ravin Says:

    Good going. This is a interesting topic to blog about and interesting for your first blog posting.

  3. charlottemaryphoto Says:

    Love it 🙂

    Not the phobia itself, but the descriptions and the ability to make me giggle 🙂

  4. The Chickengoddess Says:

    My husband has a phobia about chewing gum. It totally freaks him out to see people chewing it and if I would ever chew it in front of him he wouldn’t be able to kiss me it freaks him out so badly. He says the smell of it is just as bad, so bubble gum flavored toothpaste or medicines are right out. I asked what it is about gum that really bugs him, and he said he didn’t really know, but the idea of something you chew and chew and never swallow gives him the willies.

  5. kenan Says:

    Hey VT nice to see you jotting down these things.Always knew you had a flair for languages.blah blah blah…remember Oliver 😉

    This may seem a little off the track,remember the time in college when you would find all the GRE hopefuls with that Norman lewis book “word power made easy” i found the word roots part very interesting and this in fact became sort of an obsession with me and GKL* .well we ended up coining lot of new words but one stands out “entemonecrophilliac”…

    try figuring it out.or wait for my next post.


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