ManU versus Liv’rpool – as live as it gets..


This is as live as it gets.

I’m not a big follower of any football league (I mean I’m not crazy enough to discuss or even worry about things like which team is moving where, and how, in the points chart), but once a while I watch major clashes so earnestly that I wonder if I sometimes completely forget to nurse some dormant passions. (*woooops*…rooney just had an ass of an attempt from a difficult angle; lucky Liv !!)
I cannot go ahead without writing that I’m rooting (in as much as my rooting can be taken as genuine considering that I’m just a fan, not any fanatic) for Liverpool 🙂 for the following reasons:

1. I see more ManU fans around than there should be.
2. I hate rooney – he looks like a fat, white pig and talks too much.
3. I hate c. ronaldo – he looks like a horse.
4. I hate c. ronaldo – he’s already scored once in this match.
5. I love torres ever since the Euro ’08 final; he has done it once already here – he seems to do it always for Liv 🙂

Don’t mind the picture quality (courtesy: my poor mobile cam, and ofcourse, ESPN :D) – it’s straight from my TV (screen shot) and it’s very, very fresh 🙂 )
But I’m sure you are able to read the scoreline: that reads ManU 1 – Liv 2 😀 (at 50:26)

Hope my smile is still there when the clock reads 90:00 (it still remains as I write (66:21) 🙂

*Take out your plastic bottles ppl*

Liverpool *thak thak thak* Liverpool !!!

Liverpool *thak thak thak* Liverpool !!!




5 Responses to “ManU versus Liv’rpool – as live as it gets..”

  1. HappyGoth Says:

    oh, football. It’s such a guilty pleasure. I heard that Houston is putting in a bid for a future World Cup, and that was the first time I seriously considered buying a ticket. I mean, even just seeing the early matches would be awesome.

    I’ll have to catch up on my British football. I’m sadly out of touch.

    Thanks for the excellent and witty commentary!

  2. Amit Says:

    I am supposed to go and see a Manchester United match in the stadium. Hope I do it soon.

  3. vaish Says:

    Nice way to get some traffic on your blog! 😛

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