Sax on the beach

I fell in love with the melody of the saxophone when I heard George Michael’s song ‘Careless Whispers’. That was long back during my engineering days; I had listened to the song all night that night. And I have loved the saxophone ever since.

I think the strain of the saxophone is matchless; something that other wind or stringed instruments cannot create. Unlike the delicate, contemplative violin, or the sophisticated piano, or the platonic-sounding flute, or the youthful ‘ting ting’ (ok, ‘strum’ ‘strum’) energy of the guitar, the mature, seductive, and heavy strain of a Saxophone starts whipping the romantic crap inside my head. It has a more pronounced effect on me, may be 😉 More than anything, it flawlessly hits the same spot everytime.

About the clip I’ve put above:

After a long time, this movie ‘Sorry Bhai’ that I saw a little while back, reminded me of my emotional belonging to the music of a saxophone. That scene I have attached. (1:18 to 1:46 in this clip) Otherwise too the movie was good and refreshing, which is a rarity with Bollywood movies. Indian directors mostly don’t know what to do with a romantic script; ‘Sorry Bhai’ was a welcome exception.. : )

Jazzz on..


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