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an elegy on the death of a dear bird’s child

April 29, 2009


pic courtesy

This story is both a happy and a sad account of my interaction with a bird (yes!) that lost her child a few months back.

This bird used to chirp and pitter-patter outside my room. It gazed into my window and took curious notice of its own reflection (in what is a reflective-on-the-outside glass pane) and beat its beak upon the glass. It flied around hurriedly and playfully from twigs just outside, softly landing on the window sill and then  (more…)


The Sky :)

April 24, 2009


I love gazing deep into the sky at nights : ) 

Was wondering what would I have to say to a person who asks me why do I love the sky… so here is my four line (that’s really little : )) extempore dedication…and affirmation. It’s a simple, single thought; dun expect much.

This I wrote yesterday when the night looked (more…)

“my epitaph, if one were to ask me”.. :)

April 20, 2009



I’ve always had this strange thing about epitaphs. I’ve had a very curious attraction to them, perhaps inspired by some childhood English reading.

People say Life treats us all differently; isn’t it that we all too treat Life very differently, each in our own ways, having our unique set of experiences and lessons… !! : ) 

I think the one line that a person has to say on his/her having lived is the strongest statement you can have of him/her.

And there could be so many variations to it, both in meaning and mood- I would just display a glimpse below.. : )

Also, as if to prepare :D, I notice small statements here and there that could be true epitaphs of myself. 

To the extent possible, I have (more…)

Pulp Fiction

April 18, 2009

This is what (I feel) good scriptwriting is all about. 

It is that “Jack Rabbit Slims” restaurant scene from the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ (direction and script by Quentin Tarantino, of Pulp Fiction fame ;)) Everything looks good about the scene though there is nothing compelling here that makes the actors stand out or anything that takes the story forward. Very well written.

As of acting, I like the way Mia says, “Why would you?” (at time 1:48 in this video) and I also (more…)

On Her Beauty..

April 14, 2009

This poem was occasioned by the seeing of a beautiful face..

Someone said that it seems faintly inspired from Byron’s ‘She Walks In Beauty’. (clearly then, it needs more talent than inspiration to do a Byron : )

(picture courtesy: a distant friend) seaRead on… (more…)

What does it mean to dream in a dream?

April 8, 2009


Another poem of mine : ) part of which I had scribbled somewhere sometime…finished it and posting here..

Here – (more…)

The dreams I dreamt..

April 6, 2009

Oh! find my Magnum Opus below 😀 I wrote this poem long, long back. A friend asked me to put it here, and here it is..

(The pic above is from the internet for which credits are due to an unknown)

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My mood is VAMPIRE

April 1, 2009

titled: My mood is VAMPIRE..
~ when I was in some real nasty mood..