The dreams I dreamt..

Oh! find my Magnum Opus below 😀 I wrote this poem long, long back. A friend asked me to put it here, and here it is..

(The pic above is from the internet for which credits are due to an unknown)

Read on…

The dreams I dreamt..

It happened one night, and it happened so

I was alone and grim, but luckily though

The chill in the wind, the sleep on my mind

Crafted a vision, let my fantasies unwind

And so I witnessed, with the inner eye found

Two love stories of separate worth

Of the lake and wind on the Earth

And the moon and sky on Heaven unbound

A view this lone poet alone could enjoy

Hiding from Gods, the moon romanced the sky

They flew into his kingly mansion

With starry ceilings and floors of cloud

Amidst walls of emotions, on the bed of passion

Where steady eyes heard the heartbeats loud

In that moment of ecstatic charm

They leaned towards a mutual bliss

He held her face in the cup of his palms

And met her lips with parted lips

And below that Heaven blossomed love of a different hue

My mystic vision offered a picture new

The lake looked like an anxious maiden

Waiting lonely, her heart with hope laden

Still eyed and hair braided

Looking far, until the woods faded

The sky was again a meaningless stretch

And the moon just a purple lantern

When wind arrived in a sudden gust

And nearby a gallop was heard

And by the tree stood, on back of a horse

A young man in rusty boots, like soldier from a war

Of his own creed, uncontrolled by Gods or stars

Born into a valiant tribe, how could one then his love describe?

And there he was for whom she waited

A vagabond suitor; the wind, her only charm

Her heart melted behind her virgin breasts

Gorged with blood and beating warm

They watched each other smile, sure of their love

She walked back in mischief,

Daffodils by the lakeside kissing her legs

She held her hand behind, tweaked her shoulders slight,

As if to ask, ‘Do I look alright?’

And he nodded once, and then again, as if to mean a thousand ‘yes’

He robbed the satin of moonlight over the shimmering lake

It slipped until her face, and further, in haste

Tickled his heart and hung by her waist

He caught its end with one hand, held her hand by the other

Then rolled her close, and draped it back

Like morning dew on a fallen feather

Then as the first streak of dawn arrived

It brought with it a hollow light

For all the lovely dreams I dreamt

The morn said they were but a dream

And then I saw the wind leave

Leaves fluttered, and grasses grieved

He ran his finger over her sullen face,

And held her in a tight embrace

He kissed her hand, staring into her eyes

And climbed his horse in a careless rise

Motionless they stood for a moment, and then in a final sway,

He pulled the rein, and galloped away.

Is happiness absolute,

Or has God so his cards laid

That for every ecstatic instant

Remains an anguish to be paid

What causes that fear, that feeling of destruct,

What negative in my soul does such thoughts construct

Why that dream ended sad

My heart and I could not find

And suddenly, again from the horizon wide

Someone unknown did answers to my doubts provide

God is an architect, of hope and strength,

And purposefully does such thoughts entwine,

The joys and sorrows are part of an eternal design

A divine test of a relationship divine!

– – – – – – – – – – – – 


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13 Responses to “The dreams I dreamt..”

  1. Amit Says:

    Hmmm…so you are a poet too! 🙂
    It was good and romantic, strictly in that order.

  2. Preethi Says:

    “Is happiness absolute, Or has God so his cards laid…”- love those lines..
    And a very well written poem..[:)]

  3. rashmi Says:

    woah..! i am surprised…this is a very abstract poem…but the lines look so natural…i love it..!! 🙂

  4. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    Thanks Rashmi,

    Just to talk negative myself, someone told me it’s overly sweet and goodie-goodie, which I agree to.

    I wrote one open-ended and one dark version too, though I chose the original as most suited for this place 🙂


  5. garima Says:

    beautiful composition…soothing one…didn’t realize when my lil brother turned into such a mature poet…jus love all these brilliant pieces of ur imagination…God bless u..

  6. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    ah, compliments !!
    bring ’em, bring ’em : )

  7. Bagra Says:

    Uhh Huu.
    Same tripe..
    Typical tiwari style.
    Starts ..when u look at something..then u obtrude your thoughts on to the reader ..then few peaks(anticipated one)..and then giving it an end with an abstract thought..
    Long way to go ………………..

  8. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    yeah! that’s what my writing scheme is … u know me : )

  9. Bagra Says:

    Sorry tiwari Bhai for my rude comment..
    Its an excellent piece of poetry..
    But no doubt you are capable of writing better than this..its only your usage of “Magnum-Opus” that is incorrect.

  10. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    hmmm…. looks like I have a kinder opinion of my works !

  11. Mridani Says:

    I am, absolutely, in love with this piece of poetry!! 🙂

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