On Her Beauty..

This poem was occasioned by the seeing of a beautiful face..

Someone said that it seems faintly inspired from Byron’s ‘She Walks In Beauty’. (clearly then, it needs more talent than inspiration to do a Byron : )

(picture courtesy: a distant friend) seaRead on…

On Her Beauty.. 


‘Twas whispered, and ’twas spread

From the corridors of Heaven,

When fairies met

The story of Poseidon, He rose from the seas

To answer prayers of an unknown maiden

Of lowly lineage, known to few,

She gave birth to a little angel,

Blessed by him, and fathered too.


Of flowing hair,

Of eyes wild

Cradled by Beauty,

That destiny’s child


Till this day He comes,

His daughter to meet 

To her truly such beauty feed

In holy books unwritten

And by Gods unapproved-

A beauty so immortal,

That angels beseech


To see her is to die a little

And every day I, in aspiration die

Oh! The beauty of heart – its warmth and mirth

Are notions mediocre, that belong to Earth 


She walks into my dreams, I confess

I write love rhymes, she sits beside in glee

And some days, we dance for a while

Oh! I’m bred in desire, and dismissed with a smile.




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4 Responses to “On Her Beauty..”

  1. Preethi Sridhar Says:

    Indeed…it requires more talent than inspiration to write such neat poetry..:)…another lovely rhyme!!

  2. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    dhanyawaad : )

  3. Amit Says:

    Generally when I read poems on blogs, I rarely reach the end. But there are some exceptions. 🙂

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