Pulp Fiction

This is what (I feel) good scriptwriting is all about. 

It is that “Jack Rabbit Slims” restaurant scene from the movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ (direction and script by Quentin Tarantino, of Pulp Fiction fame ;)) Everything looks good about the scene though there is nothing compelling here that makes the actors stand out or anything that takes the story forward. Very well written.

As of acting, I like the way Mia says, “Why would you?” (at time 1:48 in this video) and I also like the way Vincent says, “Just checking” (at time 0:57 in this video), among other good moments  : )

Have a look if you want to; let me know if it pleases…


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3 Responses to “Pulp Fiction”

  1. Pulp Fiction Says:

    […] Original post by vaibhavtiwari […]

  2. Amit Says:

    One of my favorite movies. I also liked the way both of them start dancing at the end. It was funny. 🙂
    Then the Drug overdose scene later was too good.

  3. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    O yes, so many great dialogues/scenes are there in the movie… : )
    am reminded of the “Big Kahuna Burger” scene with Samuel Jackson..
    Great movie and direction..


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