“my epitaph, if one were to ask me”.. :)



I’ve always had this strange thing about epitaphs. I’ve had a very curious attraction to them, perhaps inspired by some childhood English reading.

People say Life treats us all differently; isn’t it that we all too treat Life very differently, each in our own ways, having our unique set of experiences and lessons… !! : ) 

I think the one line that a person has to say on his/her having lived is the strongest statement you can have of him/her.

And there could be so many variations to it, both in meaning and mood- I would just display a glimpse below.. : )

Also, as if to prepare :D, I notice small statements here and there that could be true epitaphs of myself. 

To the extent possible, I have remembered (and mentioning) the sources of the same.

Here are some I had written somewhere somewhere : )  


I stepped off the world, one fine day and just like that.



Oh!  the beautiful song that you were.



If I should die, think only this of me, 

That there’s some corner of a foreign land, that is for ever England. (~ Rupert Brooke)

– I was very touched by this one 🙂 There is this whole story behind such war-soldier quotes, that young men who went into the war during WorldWars were plain fellows in love ! And they used to write such love thoughts/rhymes to their gfs/ wives) And war soldiers surely have this image of ‘a man in love’…a romantic lead of sorts when it comes to come to comparing with us ‘routine-like’ men )) 


I am ready to meet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter…(~ Winston Churchill)

– very typical of the image of Churchill I have in mind : )


Stranger ! Approach this spot with gravity ! John Brown is filling his last cavity.

– of an unknown dentist. (He had it written of himself ! I’m sure he must’ve been a hugely humourous and interesting man..)


The body of Benjamin Franklin, printer (like the cover of an old book, its contents worn out, and stript of its lettering and gilding) lies here, food for worms. Yet the work itself shall not lost, for it will, as he believed, appear once more In a new and more beautiful edition, corrected and amended by its Author (~ Benjamin Franklin)

– it’s like this guy wants to say so much about his life. His lessons are many and he can’t put them in a humourous half-line. (like that dentist above) :D) 


You can always add; this is no ‘my best’ kind of thing. It is rather very casually maintained and was almost (!) forgotten (look how Jade Goody helped me…her news had reference to some epitaph kind of piece in some news channel and that made me revisit this same point in my private life 🙂 Putting it here would help me, at least so much that it would allow me to think at this point that it would help me somehow later. 


PS: Hope this wasn’t too sick or something.. 😛

(photo courtesy: cartoonstock.com – I dunno what to do with the copyright thing on that cartoon; sent them a mail and it bounced !!! *wtf*)


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7 Responses to ““my epitaph, if one were to ask me”.. :)”

  1. HappyGoth Says:

    Not at all! People publish whole books on these things. I think it’s something everyone is a little curious about; it gives you a little insight into who the person was, more than just a date of birth and death do.

    I like to go to cemeteries and find the really weird ones, especially limericks (it always amuses me that someone would choose a limerick as their last message to the living).

  2. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    Great HappyGoth,


    Just for the sake of sharing, would like to tell you that an epitaph is more a thing of the westerners or other people whose religion calls for burial. Hence they have a grave/tomb and hence a formal epitaph.

    However, Hindus have cremations and don’t really have the exact concept of epitaph (simply because there is no ‘establishment’ like a grave in their case)

    But yes, the main point was of talking about confining ones existence into a couple of lines : )

    And ya, some people do have a funny thing to say about their life. And it looks convincing too !! …for all our seriousness about career, money, society and what not, at one point we do find life laughing at us and making us laugh at ourselves. Aren’t we sometimes overtly serious about Life, which God simply gave us to live and enjoy !! : )


  3. HappyGoth Says:

    Ah. Thanks for enlightening me! I suppose I’m so used to seeing them that it slipped my mind entirely. That totally makes sense, though; I suppose you would need an actual physical grave marker in order to have an epitaph…

  4. Amit Says:

    Sigh! Now I am feeling bad that I’ll never have one!

  5. Destination Infinity Says:

    Fortunately I don’t have one! It is good. I will tell you why – I have one orkut account and I visit there once in 2 months only to see if someone has written a hopeless comment about me! So that I can delete that! But after death, I can’t delete na!

    Destination Infinity

  6. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    @ DI:

    no, no DI… I’m sure epitaphs are more seriously meant than orkut scraps… 😀 … Have faith !! : )

  7. Shreyans Says:

    Although I wont have a formal epitaph, but if I had one, I would want it to be, “I lived when I lived”… unless I think of something better ofcourse 😀

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