The Sky :)


I love gazing deep into the sky at nights : ) 

Was wondering what would I have to say to a person who asks me why do I love the sky… so here is my four line (that’s really little : )) extempore dedication…and affirmation. It’s a simple, single thought; dun expect much.

This I wrote yesterday when the night looked lazily romantic, drenched in the drizzly spells that have befallen the Bangalore region these days. Anyhow.. the poem I wrote – 



The Sky

I find it beautiful to always have a common sky,

Unbroken, uncluttered, singular, high !

It equals yet the variety, in silent mirth, 

Of lakes and trees and men on earth.


*Also, honestly, the following is a very true confession: the one person whose poetry I have been trying all my life to get inspired from is Emily Dickenson. She was absolutely different in the subjects she chose. I like her way of writing 4 line sexy poems, which are like small smashes of happinesses, of many varieties !! : ) By the way, mine above was quite less impactful : )

And if there is any biggest gift God can give me, it will be that I get a girlfriend like E.D. …unconventional !

*oh me :-/*

PS: The storyline of this post looks pretty much mashed-up, doesn’t it ? : ) 


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8 Responses to “The Sky :)”

  1. Amit Says:

    That’s a tall order girlfriend you are asking for. 😛
    Have you ever gazed at the sky in some remote area without any light on in a 10 km radius? Its breathtaking!

  2. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    no no, I haven’t seen …but do tell me how to find an occasion where no light would be there in a 10km radius.. (hey, I may be not be able to afford a trip in a space shuttle : P)

    And just to share, I read once in some science journal that a rainbow is a full circle when viewed from a high elevation… that too is something I would like to see once before I die – a FULL circle rainbow : )
    I think it requires you to be high up there in the sky (in other words, the higher the sun is in the sky, the less arc of the rainbow is seen). Imagine getting lucky inside an airplane ! 😀


  3. Amit Says:

    Well, It happened by chance. I was at my grandma’s house up in the hills and suddenly the lights went out for the whole valley. I looked up at the sky and there it was. Millions of brightly lit stars and I could clearly see a parts of the Milky way splashed across the sky. It was divine, something you can never see in a city. 🙂

  4. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    *ah* : ) hope i sometime get this kind of chance..

  5. axinia Says:

    tha poem is exellent…so simple and deep..thanks!

  6. shivya Says:

    Hey, a fellow stargazer! I like your take on our common sky. The nights up north are beautiful too. I can see the Big Dipper from my terrace and it looks amazing each time I look up!

  7. vaibhavtiwari Says:

    @ shivya,


    hmm….. Big Dipper, eh ! : ) … “ye tara, wo tara, har tara, dekho jise bhi lage pyara”…

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