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Fathers’ Day Poll: Do Not Participate ;)

June 18, 2009

This is one weird post, but because I’m not posting anything anyway these days, here I’m putting a “top 5 bla bla” list I found while slipping over some hyperlinks on some website homepage..

Picture this !

This was a Fathers’ Day Poll conducted and this is the preference given by the womenfolk in Amreeka ..(well mostly, though one may have to admit that there must’ve been a few *yay* (i mean <happy>) men too from around the world wishing things their way ! ;))

In any case, I’m sure there could’ve been a better  (more…)


creating a scene :)

June 12, 2009

“मुहब्बत की फर्श पर कुछ यूँ टूटा एक सच जैसे कोई सपनों की झालर नीचे आ गिरी हो… सब तरफ काँच के टुकड़े यूँ बिखरे, पर ना जाने क्यूँ मेरे पाँव की दहलीज़ पर आकर रुक गये…तुम्हारी नज़रों की तरह शायद उन्हें भी कुछ एहसास था…”

The idea is ki jis tarah tum nazrein nahi mila paayi and all that.. : )

PS: This wasn’t through any personal experience.. : )