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LAPSTOP! an essay: ‘Why Do Laptops Ditch Us All The Time?’

July 16, 2011

If I were some great neta, I would call for a Revolution against the tyrannies committed by American capitalists on an entire generation of laptop owners. As did all great revolutionaries and leaders before me, I plan to drive primarily on mass-hysteria, employing such ingenious, rhetoric war-cry as (more…)


A case for cats..

July 7, 2011

Some of life’s absurdities are beautiful. I woke up today to a kitten’s mewing. It must have entered my ground floor room through the balcony door. Far from expecting any such intrusion, I lit open my eyes- my mind still dizzy with sleep, my face buried in the pillow. It mewed again. That was when I gathered its full view from the corner of my sleep-laden eyes. I saw it sitting obediently on the floor, unmoving and precise in its disposition, and looking (more…)