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smells and nostalgia – memories of a happy childhood !!

May 5, 2009
This is a rather quick jotting of some childhood memories. Everything about this post, other than the intention, could appear vague. But that’s how it is with most good memories; you can’t always explain to others what exactly is good about them, can you? Also, generally, the sense of ‘smell’ has a very big role in making an idea/a moment memorable for me; dunno if it’s a common thing with most people.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Here’s the list – call it my ‘top 7’ 😀
  1. The after-rain smell (‘petrichor’ it is called). While it’s a common experience for us ‘tropical’ people, in my case the pleasure in later years has limited itself to just the singular aspect of that smell. Earlier it was like coming together of all senses, all happinesses. I don’t know where has that complete feeling gone. Although the smell I’ve smelled/smelt (?) every season, the whole magic could never get recreated. (more…)

“बोलता को बोलता नहीं बोलता तो क्या बोलता??”

March 12, 2009


wasp‘Bolta’ is ‘wasp’ in bengali. One of my bengali friends at my workplace was telling me this story about his childhood (and I’m sharing because somehow I found it hilarious; hope you too)

Once on a school picnic trip, where these guys were enjoying in the outdoors, some wasps got annoyed (perhaps correctly thinking that the place belonged more to them than to some hullabaloo-causing children) and tried to chase these guys away (or rather, as I understand, they were just flying around to scare them and these guys started to run, as if they were really being chased, further, as if, they could beat the chase had had those little-yellow-stings decided to kiss them!) Now, amidst this panic, one girl decided to run upto this school security guy who was resting under a tree near-by. He had accompanied them perhaps to handle the kind of pressing problems these kids were right then in. Our security guy happened to be a nepali (no offence meant, but no prizes for guessing either 😉 and other than his mother-tongue, he could understand bits of hindi, but not in the least, bengali. This girl wakes him up and says, (more…)

seemingly unimportant..

March 7, 2009

Why do some memories, seemingly unimportant, linger longer in our minds than many others?
I have had a uniquely singular and poignant memory of my otherwise happy childhood. I used to attend this prep school (Beehive Nursery School, Allenganj, Allahabad) and unlike other children, I so much looked forward to going to school every morning, probably because I found the place fascinating; the walls decorated with posters of sickle-shaped blue moon and the smiling yellow sun caught my fancy so easily. I vividly remember the small school compound, but more particularly its black gate, spring loaded to assist its closing. My brother used to climb it and swing along; I hated him for not allowing me to do so. A long, curved corridor with red mosaic (more…)