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Suraj Ka Satvaan Ghoda

March 19, 2009



Saw the movie ‘Suraj Ka Satvaan Ghoda’ (Seventh Horse Of The Sun) and liked it, even along with the confusions that it left me with. It is directed by Shyam Benegal and is based on a novel of the same title by DharamVir Bharti. (that book I haven’t read though)



The movie clearly reminded me of Dharmvir Bharti’s typical style of writing (and credits are due to the Director); even his book ‘Gunahon Ka Devta’, which I read earlier, shows a similar anti-idealistic (not using the word realistic as it is necessarily positive) character of its main protagonist and heroines, and others. The script and its style of narration are such that the story is very open-ended, at all points, including the end, and hence, madly thought provoking. So much so that (more…)


quotes/moments from the Oscars 2009 night..

March 7, 2009

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 “When you hear a number so high, it’s hard not to think of steroids.”
~Hugh Jackman, describing Meryll Streep’s record 15 oscar nominations. 🙂


“Combining the wild and the winning..”
~some old lady, ex-oscar winner, describing Penelope Cruz.


This girl, hosting a part: “I have read, To write is to live forever.”
Steve Martin: “The man who wrote that is dead.” 🙂

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