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There are two kinds of lovers inside me..

May 28, 2009



There are two kinds of lovers inside me…the rustic, roughened guy who has a ‘straight’ way and the modern guy who deals his girl in overt ways. The first guy is a plain chap; he doesn’t know of fine ways to keep his girl hooked. His love however is unrelenting, singular and large in absolute terms. The modern guy is refined and his love is playful, even tricky, and has more colours. The love itself is however not exactly enormous or crash-proof.

I don’t know which of these faces of mine to show when I come across women.

I don’t know between the ‘GOOD MAN’ and the ‘artful lover’, who wins?

Asked differently, say….. between a good husband and a foxy companion, who wins ?

And are combinations available? (and before that, possible?)

Asked differently, is there a GOOD MAN ?? 😉

(Is the answer too easy?)


“my epitaph, if one were to ask me”.. :)

April 20, 2009



I’ve always had this strange thing about epitaphs. I’ve had a very curious attraction to them, perhaps inspired by some childhood English reading.

People say Life treats us all differently; isn’t it that we all too treat Life very differently, each in our own ways, having our unique set of experiences and lessons… !! : ) 

I think the one line that a person has to say on his/her having lived is the strongest statement you can have of him/her.

And there could be so many variations to it, both in meaning and mood- I would just display a glimpse below.. : )

Also, as if to prepare :D, I notice small statements here and there that could be true epitaphs of myself. 

To the extent possible, I have (more…)

मेरे मन के अंदर एक विरह्नि नारी बसी है …(in my mind dwells a sorrowed woman)

March 30, 2009

This post is derived from a fellow blogger Axinia’s post on her blog

It is an essay written by one of her friends and talks of the essence of the feminine form and its absolute role in our existence. Indeed it is a very complete thought and all the more well written. It begins with the able support of a Carl Gustav Jung’s quote: Every man carries within him the eternal image of woman ….… a deposit, as it were, of all the impressions ever made by woman” – Collected Works 17:338and what follows is nothing short of the extraordinary in terms of both the writing prowess and the quality of thought. A great read.

To me it was more relevant because it reminded me of this movie ‘Suraj Ka Satvaan Ghoda’ (Seventh Horse Of The Sun) (again!) where the script utilizes a rather similar thought (which is said to have been penned by Tagore). That scene I’m attaching here – (more…)

i make a start

March 7, 2009

I am making a start here; starting this blog I mean.  Have been planning to do this for a long time now, and it’s finally happening. Let’s see what becomes of it.

I feel it important to write why I have not had a blog for so long. Here: I am used to writing with thick pens on fine paper, and so this pitter-patter of the keyboard that produces a perfectly aligned, formatted text doesn’t really look natural to me. I mean I am the kind of person who has a lot to understand from the scratches and the crossed-out words that I do while writing the ‘paper & pen’ way. In a blog, one just sees the final, edited version and it doesn’t really look like a great idea.  Believe me, reading my own diary after a week or a month has such a therapeutic effect on me. And very often the experience of reading something after a month of having written it is so different from reading it after a week. Sometimes, I even edit or improve upon an earlier-written thought (and counter-signing it adds to the weird pride!). That way, it’s an intensely (more…)