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There are two kinds of lovers inside me..

May 28, 2009



There are two kinds of lovers inside me…the rustic, roughened guy who has a ‘straight’ way and the modern guy who deals his girl in overt ways. The first guy is a plain chap; he doesn’t know of fine ways to keep his girl hooked. His love however is unrelenting, singular and large in absolute terms. The modern guy is refined and his love is playful, even tricky, and has more colours. The love itself is however not exactly enormous or crash-proof.

I don’t know which of these faces of mine to show when I come across women.

I don’t know between the ‘GOOD MAN’ and the ‘artful lover’, who wins?

Asked differently, say….. between a good husband and a foxy companion, who wins ?

And are combinations available? (and before that, possible?)

Asked differently, is there a GOOD MAN ?? 😉

(Is the answer too easy?)


On Her Beauty..

April 14, 2009

This poem was occasioned by the seeing of a beautiful face..

Someone said that it seems faintly inspired from Byron’s ‘She Walks In Beauty’. (clearly then, it needs more talent than inspiration to do a Byron : )

(picture courtesy: a distant friend) seaRead on… (more…)

What does it mean to dream in a dream?

April 8, 2009


Another poem of mine : ) part of which I had scribbled somewhere sometime…finished it and posting here..

Here – (more…)

मेरे मन के अंदर एक विरह्नि नारी बसी है …(in my mind dwells a sorrowed woman)

March 30, 2009

This post is derived from a fellow blogger Axinia’s post on her blog

It is an essay written by one of her friends and talks of the essence of the feminine form and its absolute role in our existence. Indeed it is a very complete thought and all the more well written. It begins with the able support of a Carl Gustav Jung’s quote: Every man carries within him the eternal image of woman ….… a deposit, as it were, of all the impressions ever made by woman” – Collected Works 17:338and what follows is nothing short of the extraordinary in terms of both the writing prowess and the quality of thought. A great read.

To me it was more relevant because it reminded me of this movie ‘Suraj Ka Satvaan Ghoda’ (Seventh Horse Of The Sun) (again!) where the script utilizes a rather similar thought (which is said to have been penned by Tagore). That scene I’m attaching here – (more…)

when women meet old friends..

March 7, 2009

Here goes one observation to which you may agree or disagree, but I’ll love to hear if you have anything to say:

I have seen women losing all their sanity on meeting long lost friends, especially of their own gender. Men are happy but easy, both emotionally and physically, on seeing a friend after years even, though the excitement is there in equal measure (there is no doubting that). For instance, the men I have known (and I will include myself) on meeting after a long separation, clasp fists tightly, two tough pats on the back (that means an extra second long hug – that’s all) and few further moments of staring back at each other in immense glee. And the whisky takes over. Girls on the other hand, (more…)